How does the CNS Course Give You Clear Expertise Over Other Agents?

The CNS course and designation gives agents a clear level of expertise over any other agent because your neighborhood expertise will allow you to confidently say, “This is a good neighborhood because…”

You’ll have the in-depth neighborhood expertise to…

  • Develop selling points far beyond just the house.
  • Advertise your neighborhood expertise to the community
  • Develop a comprehensive resource webpage for your neighborhood
  • Know about the area and issues associated with it.
  • Have valuable knowledge about
    • Issues with the building process or developer.
    • HOA processes, restrictions, and by-laws
    • Current problems or issues in the area.

Show your clear expertise by creating a “storyline” (2-3 minute in-depth narrative) about the history of the community, its important selling points, overview of the schools, important developments and other unique features of the neighborhood.  This not only demonstrates your knowledge, but differentiates you from most other agents.

Once you learn how to develop a powerful “storyline” for a neighborhood, no other agent will be able come close to your level knowledge about that neighborhood.  Someone will know within 30 seconds that you’re much different from most real estate agents!

The CNS Course Relates To Current Real Estate Agent Needs.

Everyday consumers are demanding and selecting the more skilled real estate agents.  The CNS course fills in the gap for agents that want more skills and expertise.  Plus the course trains agents on neighborhood knowledge which is key in today’s slow market conditions.

In a recent survey from the National Association of Realtors, neighborhood knowledge is one of the top reasons why someone chooses a certain real estate agent.

Most courses teach yesterdays information and doesn’t relate to the challenges agents face today. 

Every Agent Can Benefit From The CNS Immediately.

Very few agents know about all the tools and resources available for researching and gathering data about a particular neighborhood.  And even less use demographic information because they are afraid of the fair housing laws

The CNS course gives you access to the right tools and resources so that you can become a better real estate agent.  The course even takes your hand and walks you through using demographic information without the fear of being sued.

Know use in-depth neighborhood information as relevant and useful content for marketing.

  • Tax changes
  • HOA updates
  • Area Construction Updates and Impacts

Know how to point people in the right direction to get answers to questions that may violate Fair Housing Act.

Know how to locate the “red-flag deal-killer” issues with your neighborhood so you don’t waste time when a buyer might be affected.