Why Become a Certified Neighborhood Specialist?

Stand Apart From Other Agents with a Revolutionary New Designation Course - Guaranteed to Give You the Winning Edge!

If you are a real estate agent, broker or the owner of a real estate company, and are looking to sell a listing faster, to get an edge when going after new business, or to improve your marketing… I would like to show you how the Certified Neighborhood Specialist (CNS) designation course can separate you from other agents and allow you to earn more money simply by tapping into wealth of in-depth neighborhood expertise.

Gone are the days when you only had to sell the benefits of the house…now buyers have tons of choice and seller are looking for only the most qualified agent to list their house.  According to recent survey done by the National Association of REALTORS®, both buyers and sellers rank neighborhood knowledge as one of the leading qualifications when selecting a real estate agent.

How To Generate More Business Now!

The CNS course offers agents a step-by-step easy to follow process for generating significantly more neighborhood awareness and name recognition.  We not only give you the strategy, but also explain it and provide the exact steps on how to implement it fast. 

Here is a list of the methods we give you for generating more business in any neighborhood. 

  • Develop a “storyline” for your neighborhood and then have unshakable confidence to sell someone on the benefits of the area.  All from gathering key neighborhood data before any presentations.
  • Neighborhood Showcase – plays to people’s vanity…neighbor only open house.
  • Staged Mailings – use neighborhood turnover to save money on marketing.
  • Neighborhood Magnet – not your traditional magnet marketing idea.
  • Sales Statistic Update – Improve awareness by updating the neighborhood with recent sales.  Keeps your name in front of them and plays off of other agent’s success.
  • Marketing to Renters – How to identify renters in your neighborhood and then systematically turn them into buyers or a nice pool of referrals.  It also covers how to market to the absentee owner and gather information about them.
  • Marketing to Generations – If you know the age of the people moving into the neighborhood or the people who live in the neighborhood…You’ll know how to focus your marketing better.  This is an area that most agents overlook, but is thoroughly explained in the CNS course.
  • Neighborhood Info Resource Webpage with examples and turnkey templates. Now become the “ultimate” resource for any neighborhood and generate more referrals automatically.  We’ll teach you which 6 areas of information homeowners find valuable and you should give them resources for.

Why Do CNS Agents Generate More Business?

Most agents only do the traditional farming like canvassing, door hangers, garage sales, and mailing.  These methods work, but not as well as they did in past.  The 2 biggest problems most agents have today is not following a consistent plan and selecting a wrong area farm.  If you’re marketing is inconsistent or you select an area with low turnover ratio…how can you be successful?

The CNS course not only gives you a powerful plan of attack, but also the tools to make sure you are farming the best area.

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